Simple and Easy


Delivering our professional creations to you over the internet

Why E-Design


Save Money

Budget friendly option with the same level of expertise as our in person full-service interior design. 


Save Time

You implement a master plan. We create the professional custom design, working at your pace and communicating on-line.


Self Rewarding

Our easy to follow plan guides you through to create your design and in the end you will reward yourself for a job well done! 

How it works

step 1

Become a client

Create your personal client portal account. All uploads and communication will be done through your private personal portal.

step 2

Complete and Submit Questionnaire

Log in to your established client account. A questionnaire will be there waiting for you to complete. This questionnaire will tell us what your project is about and information about your style.

step 3

Invoice and Payment

We will send you an invoice based on your service selections in the questionnaire. The invoice will need to be paid prior to the start of our custom design.

step 4

Delivery of Design

Upon payment, we begin our customized design plan. Give approximately 2 weeks for your final design package to be delivered digitally. You decide how to implement your design at your leisure.

What You


What You Provide

  • Answers to the Questionnaire   
  • Sketch showing the measurements of walls and other detail items such as outlets, windows, doors, furniture, etc. Can be hand drawn.
  • Photos of the current space from different angles that can be sent straight from your mobile device
  • Inspirational photos and/or links and any other supporting documentation to help better understand your style                                              


What You Receive

  • Your very own private, password protected portal on our website where all communications and documents will be exchanged between you and the designer.
  •  Detail instructions on how to take measurements and photos
  • A fully customized digital design based on the services selected (furniture plan, mood board, color palette, detail shopping list, instructions and notes).
  • Two revisions included and optional addons available to customize your project even more

E-Design Packages

Giving you the opportunity to work with a designer online transforming your space in a way that fits your style, timeline, and budget

Kitchen and Bath Design

Full Cabinet Detail and Fixture Selections

Prices starting at: $750

Space Planning

Develop ideas for the best way to layout your space

Prices starting at: $350/room

A La Carte 

One and Done!

Prices starting at: $125

Are you ready to design?

  • Create your client portal today where you will find the documents needed to begin the process!
  • Submit your answers to our detailed questionnaire
  • Begin uploading photos of the space, measurements and inspirational photos and links
  • Receive and pay your invoice
  • Throughout the entire process, communicate with your designer in your portal messaging

Not sure about E-Design?

You can work at your own pace with everything done online. Our step by step guide will help through it all. Our client portal will keep you organized with everything in one location. Let's talk it over.

Let us help you create a professionally designed space that meets your individual style, function and budget.