New Orleans, LA


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Finding you in every detail

How Dimensions Take Shape

Our 4 Step Process to Designing your Future

Being a Full-Service Interior Design firm, we are here to make your interior spaces functional and beautiful. We determine space requirements and select decorative finishes and fixtures such as colors, lighting, and other materials. We can bring your concept to life.

Our Process

Focused on providing quality service with the highest level of customer satisfaction, the final design reveals the charisma of our client while being both functional and appealing.


We start by gathering information to identify your needs and the requirements of the space.


Our creative team thoroughly examines the information collected, looking at all details to produce a strategic design that collaborates our client's needs


Our eye for detail comes to life as we present to the client the design concept in a colorful design board.

Create and Enjoy

From concept to completion, each project is designed to reflect the individual needs of our client.

Contact Us Today!

Start you initial consultation to styling your future.

Creating innovative interior design solutions for tomorrow.

Begin your project with us Today

Beginning with an initial consult, we determine the scope of the project and the specific needs and preferences of our client. Once a “design concept” has been developed, conceptual layout plans are presented and reviewed with the client. The layout plans can include but not limited to floor plans for determining furniture placement, cabinets, etc…, electrical plans for determining best lighting effects, and elevation plans. Depending on the needs of our client, we can assist the client in selecting finishes and fixtures. We can see the project thru to completion, offering Interior Decorating consultation if needed.

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